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We Are a Small Business, Network Marketing & Direct Marketing Service Provider. We offer Management and Pay-As-You-Go Options for over 20 unique social media packages including Google+, Vine, Pinterest, You Tube, Sound Cloud. Targeted and World Wide Likes, Follower, Comments, Views & Subscriptions! If you don’t have your social media profiles ready will make them for you ! Also Social Media Graphics Design, Web Design, Development, Commercials, White Board Videos, Voice Overs, Video Intro’s Remote Computer To Computer Customer Service Last but not least one on one consultation. Register Now!


Facebook Likes

Buying Facebook likes for your fan page can help increase your page awareness and provide social proof to your visitors. We can provide you with a steady stream of Facebook likes from active accounts.

Twitter Followers

Not only do we love to use Twitter for our own personal use, we also love to market on this wonderful social media platform. We promise that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our Twitter service.

YouTube Views

Majority of our YouTube packages comes with YouTube views, likes, subscribers, comments, and social media sharing. Where else can you find complete YouTube packages at these prices?

Instagram Followers

We can provide you with active Instagram followers that will provide the social proof your account needs, in order to attract millions of new Instagram users.

Meet The PapaFans Team


Angel Price – Social Media Expert

Hey I’m Angel Price, the social media & Marketing expert and workaholic. I love social media so much, I even went as far as having the Facebook logo tattooed on my arm. I’m just joking, its actually tattooed on my back. Well anyways, My Team and I are on call to provide you with the highest quality social service that your hard earn money can buy.

I really hate to brag, but we are the KING of social media services. When the other so called “Social Media Gurus” need help marketing on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, I’m the one they call. But like I said, I really hate to brag. So Please talk to a consultant after ordering you will be surprised what other services we can help you with

Steve – Customer Support Guy

Hi I’m Steve, the customer support guy. My job is to answer any questions “related” to the services that we offer here on papafans.com. I will be very happy to hear from you and answer any questions that are “related” to our services. My team just LOVE questions that are “related” to making you job easier.

OK, you’re probably wondering why I keep putting the word “related” between quotation marks. Its because I sit inside my cubicle all day and answer questions about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Graphic Design Web Design Printing Paying for Facebook ads Youtube Videos and the list goes on. I enjoy talking about other things also guys. I mean, you don’t only just have to ask me about our services. We can chat about oter things your business might need your day or even talk about your goals and the things that we can do to get there. Visit our contact page to get in touch with me.


ZoHaiB ZoBi – Social Media and Web Specialist

Salam. Hi Guys ! Am Zohaib Zobi, Social Networking Community Manager. I Love Social Networking and Expert in it. This age is of Social Networking and People are Integgrating with it. People Join Social Media as Whole. So I Started Social Building and Management as Am Interested in it and Always does with Passion.Web Developing and Designing is my business. Am Working on Social Communities Since 2010 and still working. Social.PapaFans.com is One of the Community I am Managing. PapaFans is Only the way of Success. If You Want to Know More About me and My Business, Feel Free to Ask me any Question.

My current job is to Work with the Network Marketing Specialists in the field, Build your fan pages, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube Channels and help manage them, make sure things run smoothly around here. I help Jeff out when he needs help processing orders and I help Steve out on customer support when he’s busy chatting with clients about their life goals. I would love to work with you, and we can maybe even become friends on Facebook or something. Come give us a try. I bet you’ll be happy that you did.

  • YouTube Views
  • YouTube Likes
  • YouTube Subscribers
  • YouTube Comments
  • Video Reshares
  • Fast Delivery
  • Facebook Likes
  • Active Users
  • 100% Safe
  • High Fan Retention
  • Gain Social Proof
  • Fast Delivery
  • Twitter Followers
  • Active Followers
  • 100% Safe
  • High Follower Retention
  • Gain Social Proof
  • Fast Delivery


Customer Service & Sales

Toll Free: 508-691-0598

Our Clients

Our Guarantee

Money Back

We work hard on keeping our customers happy. If you do not receive the service your ordered, we will issue you a full refund.

Full Support

Have a question or concern? Our support team is here to help answer any questions or issues that you may have. Get in touch with us easily by submitting your question on our contact page.

Account Safety

We understand that your social media profiles are very important to you. We will never process any orders unless we are 100% confident that our service is safe.

Speedy Service

Our turnaround times are listed on each service pricing table. We pride ourselves on delivering the best service possible within a timely manner.
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